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East Campus Homecoming

spirit week

October 23rd – October 27th 

  • Monday, 10/23: Nerd/Dress like a Scientist Day (for MOLE DAY!!!)
  • Tuesday, 10/24: Comfy Pants Day (Sweatpants, Yoga Pants, Jeans, NOT leggings or Pajama Pants)
  • Wednesday, 10/25: Colorado Spirit Day
  • Thursday, 10/26: Sports Shirt Day
  • Friday, 10/27: Super Hero Shirt Day

Uniform pants are to be worn every day with the exception of Tuesday’s Comfy Pants Day. Students must abide by the following guidelines:

  • Shirts must have sleeves.
  • Garments worn must be in good repair. No holes, frays, etc.
  • Length of shorts, skirts, skorts, and dresses must follow the length specified in the Dress Code.
  • T-shirts must not have any sayings that relate to controlled substances (drugs, alcohol, etc.), tobacco, or gangs, or have any offensive phrases, as determined by Administration.
  • Bare midriffs are not permitted.
  • Clothing must be the appropriate size.
  • Dress Code rules regarding hair and cosmetics are still applicable.

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The mission of Vanguard Classical School is to facilitate optimal individual academic achievement and character development through a rigorous, content-rich, inclusive learning environment.

Vision Vanguard Classical School graduates will be literate in the classics and the ideals of Western Civilization, while valuing the diversity of ideas, abilities, and cultures in today’s world, and will be prepared to contribute meaningfully to their communities.