Live links will be available upon our return near the end of July. Have a great summer!

For easy access to classroom information, click the links below that pertain to your student(s).

Elementary (K-5)

Kindergarten: Ms. Sudan, Mr. Denning, Ms. Howsare

1st Grade: Ms. Curry, Ms. Flint, Ms. Dome

2nd Grade: Ms. Eklund, Ms. Rodriguez, Ms. Bullock

3rd Grade: Ms. Oeullette, Ms. Howell, Ms. Frey

4th Grade: Mr. Greenlee, Ms. Gauthier, Ms. Welch

5th Grade: Ms. Henke, Ms. Karkoski, TBD

K-5 Art: Ms. Seiter

K-5 Music: Ms. Domman

K-5 P.E.: Ms. Tilkens

K-5 Technology: Ms. Hamilton

Secondary (6-12)

English Department: Ms. Cher, Ms. Herring, Mr. Moore, Mr. Peel

History Department: Mr. Bird, Mr. Reiman, Mr. Xavier

Math Department: Mr. Coleman, Mr. Stafford

Science Department: Ms. Drees

6-12 Art: Ms. Tryba-Detrick

6-12 Foreign Language: TBD

6-12 Latin: Ms. Stayton

6-12 Instrumental Music: Mr. Carnahan

6-12 Vocal Music: Ms. Wirth

6-12 P.E.: Ms. Fregoso

6-12 Technology: TBD