Governor Polis has issued an Executive Order suspending in-person instruction through 4/17. VCS East and West will not be in session at least through that time. Stay tuned for further information regarding plans to continue education.

Contact Us

West Campus
P: 303.691.2384
F: 303.226.5529

East Campus
P: 303.338.4110
F: 303.338.4129


West Campus
801 Yosemite St.
Denver, CO 80230

East Campus
17101 East Ohio Dr.
Aurora, CO 80017

Vanguard Board of Directors

Vanguard Classical School is governed by an independent Board of Directors consisting of seven members.

Board meetings are held monthly during the school year.

Meeting agendas are posted at least 24 hours before the meeting.

The community is welcome to attend all board meetings.

2019-2020 Vanguard Classical School Board Calendar


Board Meetings are generally held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm (unless otherwise noted) and shall be posted in the school entry of both VCS East (E) and West (W) buildings according to Colorado Sunshine Law. Meetings switch between E and W campuses as indicated below:

April 25, 2019   (W)

May 23, 2019   (E)

June 20, 2019   (W)

July 25, 2019   (E)

August 22, 2019   (W)

September 26, 2019   (E)

October 29, 2019   (W)

November 12, 2019   (E)

December 12, 2019   (W)

December 14, 2019 (W) Strategic Plan Session

January 23, 2020   (E)

February 27, 2020   (W)

March 26, 2020   (E)

April 23, 2020   (W)

May 21, 2020   (E)

June 25, 2020   (W)