VCS will remain in the Remote Learning Model through the end of the 3rd quarter, March 21, 2021.

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Ms. Alexander

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March 12th: End of Quarter 3

March 15th-19th: Sprink Break 😊

March 17th: Happy St. Patty's Day 

March 22nd: Start of Quarter 4 and hybrid learning 


Core Virtue of the Month: Love of Country

Ancient intellects like Aristotle exalted the just and caring individual. Modern intellects laud caring, empathetic and sympathetic individuals. These traits are what help us to move beyond ourselves and sense the needs of others. These traits build community. Faithfulness is standing by those we love and our community. What a vital virtue this is, as we strive to build back our community this month with our return to in-person learning! We are dedicated to making this a safe and positive place for our students and their families. Because of our love for each other as staff members, we are willing to work together and march through difficult situations. Faithfulness encompases love, dedication, commitment and duty.

Remote Learning Online Resources

Family Resources Document

This is includes: 

- COVID-19 Information

- Food Resources

- Income Resources

- Health and Medical Resources

- Mental Health Resources 

- Recovery & Substance Abuse Resources

- Crisis Lines

- Educational Resources and ect. 


Science Education Resources

National Geographic

Smithsonian Institution

Science Buddies 

Queen of Trees Documentary

American Museum of Natural History


Live Science

Journey to the Edge of the Universe 


How Life Began with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Science News (these are leveled with readability and worksheets for lots of them)

Flinn Sci at Home 


Virtual Dissections by Biolofy Corner


Secondary Science

Ms. Alexander