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Core Value of November: STEWARDSHIP 

Traditionally, in November, our thoughts turn to those things for which we are grateful--our family, our jobs, our health, our pets, etc.--because of the national holiday of Thanksgiving. Many of these things we show gratitude toward are things which have been given to us or entrusted to us. This month we will be focusing on the virtue of STEWARDSHIP. Stewardship is caring well for the gifts given us – our life, our world, our talents, and those entrusted to our care. 

For many children this celebration is a natural and welcomed exercise—a time to reflect on what they like best about their lives. All too many children, however, grow up in homes or neighborhoods where goodness is not easily visible. To that end, literature can be an important vehicle of hope—an opportunity for us to lift their hearts and thoughts to much of what is positive in the world.  

We gain literary inspiration from real-life stewards, and many stewards of the earth and the environment are spotlighted below.  But children should also be encouraged to reflect on personal stewardship:  do I care well for my body? my brothers and sisters? my toys? the home my parents have created for us? our classroom? my classmates? the playground equipment I use? the parks I visit?  "If you take care of the small things," Emily Dickinson reminded us, "the big things will take care of themselves."

This month, demonstrate gratitude in your classroom and help your students recognize that they are stewards over many good things in their lives. Learning to have a grateful heart and be a good steward are skills that can change attitudes, behaviors and can foster great internal strength. If nothing else, they are stewards of themselves. They can determine their own actions. In the words of William Ernst Henley, "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul."



Environmental Science 

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Family Resources Document

This is includes: 

- COVID-19 Information

- Food Resources

- Income Resources

- Health and Medical Resources

- Mental Health Resources 

- Recovery & Substance Abuse Resources

- Crisis Lines

- Educational Resources and ect. 


Science Education Resources

National Geographic

Smithsonian Institution

Science Buddies 

Queen of Trees Documentary

American Museum of Natural History


Live Science

Journey to the Edge of the Universe 


How Life Began with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Science News (these are leveled with readability and worksheets for lots of them)

Flinn Sci at Home 


Virtual Dissections by Biolofy Corner


Secondary Science

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