VCS will remain in the Remote Learning Model through the end of the 3rd quarter, March 21, 2021.

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Ms. Stayton

"Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit." - Vergil, Aeneid I.203


Alright, folks. One more week of class left for the quarter.

WORK HARD and make sure you submit any missing or incomplete assignments by next Friday! Anything submitted after Friday cannot count towards your final grade!

Pro-tip: ALWAYS check your school email, like, on the DAILY! For information not only from your teachers, but also from the school administrators. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your advisor!


Check back here frequently for the Sortes Vergilianae! Send me your questions for Vergil via email and I'll post his answers here!


Sortes Vergilianae, 3/24/2020: 

Question: Vergil, what's your advice on how to handle this situation?

Answer: "He said no more, but shut himself within the palace." Aeneid, VII.599-600.

Me: Wow, looks like even Vergil understands the importance of social distancing.


Sortes Vergilianae, 3/25/2020:

Question: Vergil, how should we entertain ourselves during this period of isolation?

Answer: "The rage of Hercules was past all patience: he threw himself through flames," Aeneid, VIII.256-7.

Me: OKAY, Vergil. A *little* dramatic. I don't think we're at the point of fire-leaping yet. Fire seed and fire feed, eh?


Sortes Vergilianae, 3/26/2020:

Question: Vergil. It is day 10 of self isolation. Am I going to lose my mind?

Answer: "Her mind is helpless; raging frantically, inflamed, she raves throughout the palace," Aeneid, IV.300

Me: A little on the nose today, aren't we, Vergil?


Sortes Vergilianae, 3/27/2020:

Question: So Vergil, is my cat, Jareth, absolutely sick of being constantly around me at this point? 

Answer: "I am not ignorant of suffering; now I learn to comfort the miserable," Aeneid, I.630

Me: Aw. I take this as a good sign. My cat loves me.


Sortes Vergilianae, 3/30/2020:

Question: Vergil, will our transition to remote learning be smooth?

Answer: "Grant us easy passage and breathe upon us with your kindliness," Aeneid, III.328-9

Me: All signs point to yes! Thank you, Vergil.


Sortes Vergilianae, 1/28/2021

Question: Will the AP Latin students totally ace the AP Latin exam??

Vergil's Response: "This is sure, I did not doubt you" - Aeneid, IX.206

Me: That's the best answer yet!


Sortes Vergilianae, 2/5/2021

Question: Will the Gamestop Stocks ever be profitable again?

Vergil's Response: "I vow that you, my son, shall be the living trophy of Aeneas, dressed in the spoils of that robber's body." - Aeneid, X.774-776

Me: Well that certainly sounds like a yes! ...Except that we know that, in this story, Aeneas wins this fight. So no.


Sortes Vergilianae, 2/12/2021

Question: How will our Valentines 2021 go?

Vergil's Response: "Do you ask me to trust this monster?" - Aeneid, V.849

Me: So... the monster is Covid, I assume? Meaning, don't trust the monster and mingle outside? It's okay. I think we're all planning on a quiet night in, anyway.


Sortes Vergilianae, 2/19/2021

Question: How will the remainder of Quarantine fare for us?

Vergil's Response: "We sailed out from that flood across the waste seas" - Aeneid, VII.228

Me: Okay so either we will have some natural disasters due to climate change, OR we will slowly disembark from our homes towards a more normal existence!


Sortes Vergilianae, 2/28/2021

Question: So how will 4th quarter hybrid learning go for us?

Vergil's Response: "I do not speak of doubtful things." - Aeneid, VIII.62

Me: ...Well, that's like the magic 8 ball saying 'ask again later.'


Sortes Vergilianae, 3/5/2021

Question: Will all our dreams come true this year?

Vergil's Response: "If this is what you want, then I can promise whatever care is in my art" - Aeneid, VIII.525-6

Me: "Well, this is the first piece of good news in a while."

Important Announcements

Class Announcements:

  • Online Office Hours: I can be reached by phone (Google Voice), email, or Google Hangouts during any class asynchronous time! Please stop by or contact me if you have any questions or need any help!
  • Advisory: We are currently working on Setting Goals. Make sure to complete the short assignments posted on Google Classroom, and come ready to map out 3 goals (either personal or academic) on Monday. 
  • Latin I-III: Please check with Google Classroom for any assignments, notes, resources, and due dates. 
  • AP Latin: Onward with Caesar and unit 4! Be ready for our next essay!

All Classes: Please make sure you submit any assignments for the week no later than the Friday of the week it is assigned. I grade and update IC on Friday afternoons! So if an assignment is missing, it will stay missing until I update the gradebook again on the following Friday.



Online Resources for Continuing Class:

Secondary Latin

Ms. Stayton

Avete, omnes! Sum magistra, domina et dea. I graduated from William and Mary with a BA in Classics, from CU Boulder with an MA in Latin and Classical Antiquities. This is my 6th year here at Vanguard Classical School, East Campus. I sort of fell into teaching (by accident) but have stuck with it because I believe that Latin is imperative to a well-rounded education, and I feel the need to share my passion. Plus--someone has to raise the next generation of nerds.