NOW ENROLLING at both campuses for the 2021-2022 school year!

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Ms. Vega

Secondary Spanish

Ms. Vega

My name is Rosa Vega this will be my second year teaching at Vanguard. I am originally from Puerto Rico. I have both a bachelor's degree in ESl and a Masters on Mental Health Counseling. I am very happy and excited to be back serving our young and diverse population. At Vanguard I feel that I have not only found a place of work, but also a place I can call a home.

Call me at Google Voice Number (720) 551-9470 or at the Vanguard Classical School (303)338-4110
Email me at:


Courses Video

Course Description - Classroom Syllabus

Course Goal and Description 

Language and communication are essential to the human experience. Knowing how, when, and why to say what to whom are the words that encompass all the linguistic and social knowledge required for effective human to human interaction. Students must be linguistically and culturally equipped to communicate successfully in our multilingual , multicultural world. It is vital for students to develop and maintain proficiency in English and in at least one other language. Students from non- english speaking backgrounds must also have opportunities to develop proficiency in their first language.

  • At the end of this course the students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the grammatical Spanish norms. 
  • Demonstrate understanding of grammatical errors in punctuation within the Spanish language.
  • Apply knowledge to compare and interpret meaning by choosing words or phrases effectively based on its content.
  • Can determine or clarify vocabulary by the use of words within the text.
  • Can establish conexiones between words, phrases by analyzing its content. 
  • Acquire and use a variety of specific vocabulary well  enough to carry out a simple conversation, read simple sentences and read them.

Text and Readings

As an introductory Spanish course the instructor will be providing handouts, from an online text books or Websites. We will also be using computer programs such as Duolingo and Quizlet in class and for practice homework. 

  • Vocabulario Activo 1
  • Vocabulario Activo 2
  •   SantillanaLengua Castellana 4 , 5 and 6

Please go to weblink to access Middle School Spanish Classroom Syllabus

Please go to weblink to access SPANISH 1 CLASSROOM SYLLABUS

Please go to weblink to access SPANISH 2 CLASSROOM SYLLABUS

Please go to weblink to access SPANISH 3  Literature  CLASSROOM Syllabus




Hello Vanguard Families: Welcome Back to the begining a new school year 2021-2022        

I am so happy and excited to see you guys again as well as our new commers. This week we will getting to meet our kids, going over classroom rules and expectations. we will also be going over our core vertue for the month of August. We will be giving out class planners during Advicement. It is very important for students to bring their planner during class.  I will be signing at the end their planner after I have checked their daily work. If its not signed by me that day it means he/she didnt complete their work in class. Our classes will be posted in google classroom. There they will have all class materials assigned by week.  I will also be communicating with families using the classtag app, just like last year. This will help us keep all of you guys informed of what going on.

August Core Virtue

  • Respect is treating others politely and kindly. 
  • Respect is treating others with high regard regardless of their race, their place, or the color of their face! 
  • Respect is treating others with high regar                   Knowledge will give you power, but character Respect   Bruce Lee                                                                                                                                                                          

MS Vega Video

Just wanted to make a video for you guys.