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VCS West - 5th & 6th Grade Team

Have A Great Summer!!

We have loved getting to be your teachers this year and look forward to seeing you next year! If you have any questions or concerns over the summer break please call or email the front office.  We have updated our list of Online Resources below, if you would like to check them out!  



5th and 6th Grade Remote Learning Resources


It is recommended that students in fifth through eighth-grade attempt to complete 7 menu items a day.  Students should complete one menu item from each of the English Language Arts, History, Science and Math menus.  Then they should complete an item from the ELD or Title I menu if they are in those programs.  If they are not in those programs they should choose at least one maybe two specials menus to complete an item from.  Finally, there are two more menus to choose from to get to the 7 menu items mark.  They are the Character Building and Health and Wellness Menus. 

Se recomienda que los estudiantes de quinto al octavo grado intenten completar 7 elementos de menú al día. Los estudiantes deben completar un elemento del menú de cada uno de los menús de Artes del idioma inglés, Historia, Ciencia y Matemáticas. Luego, deben completar un elemento del menú ELD o Título I si están en esos programas. Si no están en esos programas, deben elegir al menos uno o quizás dos menús especiales para completar un elemento. Finalmente, hay dos menús más para elegir para llegar a la marca de 7 elementos de menú. Son los menús de creación de carácter y salud y bienestar.

Remote Learning Additional Resources

Title I 3rd-5th Grade Menu

Specials Menu

Character Building and Health and Wellness

ELD Menu

Contact Information and Office Hours

Ms. Blake (720) 551-9732

Office Hours - Monday - Friday 9:00 - 10:30 and 12:00 - 1:30 

Mr. Brewer (720) 551-9656 

Office Hours - Monday - Friday  9:00 - 10:30 and 12:00 - 1:30

Ms. Goudy (720) 551-9498

Office Hours - Monday - Friday  10:30- 12:00 and  1:30- 3:00  

Ms. Southcott (720) 551-9694

Office Hours - Monday - Friday  10:30- 12:00 and  1:30- 3:00 

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5th/6th Language Arts

Ms. Southcott

I grew up in Arvada, Colorado, and I earned my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where I majored in Environmental Science and minored in Biology. I then went on to earn my Master’s degree in Language Arts, Secondary Education. I have been teaching for twelve years and five of those years have been at Vanguard West. I currently teach English Language Arts for 5th and 6th grades. I enjoy playing and coaching volleyball, reading, being outdoors, and traveling.

5th/6th Math

Mr. Brewer

Teaching has long been a calling in my life. As I enter my twentieth year as an educator (14th as a lead instructor), the question--Why do I teach-- becomes even more difficult to answer. I feel a bit like Socrates. All I know is that I don't know. Am I teaching to hone the mind of the next great intellect? Am I engendering character among the masses? Am I searching for Truth or the meaning of our existence? There are so many reasons I teach 6th grade math. It is impossible to boil it down to a few words. Teaching and learning are essentials in my life. Where can those necessities be found? The schoolhouse has them in abundance. My academic background includes an undergraduate degree from the University of Denver, a variety of graduate coursework both in and out of education, and an ever curious mind that feeds off of books of a variety of genres and disciplines. When I am not at school, I am usually parenting some combination of six children. When I can steal a moment for myself, I enjoy being active and competing in a variety of games.

5th/6th Science

Ms. Goudy

I received my degree from the University of Colorado Denver in French and Secondary Education. I have a license to teach K-12. I have experience teaching a wide range of ages from about 1st-12th grade. I’ve been in the classroom for a year, but this is my first year at Vanguard! I love working at Vanguard because of its amazing community of faculty, students, and families! I love working with children because they make me smile and they all have amazing skills and knowledge to bring to the classroom every day.

5th/6th History

Ms. Blake

I have been teaching Vanguard Classical School- West for five years. I have taught 4th/5th grade for seven years total. I earned my bachelor's degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a degree in K-6 Literacy in 2012. I am currently working on my master’s degree at the University of Denver in education leadership and policy. In my free time, I love baking, cooking, hiking, and spending time with my dog. I am an avid reader and I also enjoy writing. I love learning and strive to create an environment where my students also love to learn. As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Title I Math/Literacy Coach/Interventionist

Ms. Hoesly

I have been teaching for 12 years in grades Kindergarten through Sixth. This year, I am the Title 1 Instructional Coach for Literacy and Mathematics. I have a Master's degree in Policy Studies of Language and Cross Cultural Education; and a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies. Both degrees are from San Diego State University, home of the Aztecs. I am originally from San Diego, however, I have lived in Kerman, Ca, Phoenix, AZ, Grand Canyon, AZ, Carlsbad, Ca, and finally, Littleton, Co. I have been a life coach for third through sixth grade girls, coached swim team, and reading intervention. When I found out that this was a classical school. I was excited to apply. I think that this progression of education is essential for all students. I love working with kids because they bring so much joy to my life. It is fun to see them grow and develop over the course of just one school year. When I am not teaching, I enjoy running, hiking, biking, reading, writing, and exploring the mountains or relaxing the beach.