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VCS West - Specials Team



Contact Numbers for Specials Teachers

Ms. Sonkina ..........(303)-691-2384       Ex 1343     

Mr. Menke...............(303)-691-2384       Ex 1308         

Mrs. Sebastiani ....(303)-691-2384       Ex 1327

Mr. Haneghan ......(303)-691-2384       Ex 1345  

Ms. James ..............(303)-691-2384       Ex 1306



Ms. James

Hello! My name is Krystal James and I cannot wait to start my first year of teaching at Vanguard West! I was born and raised in Pennslyvania where I obtained my Studio Art degree with a focus in printmaking, painting and art history in 2017. Through my college years, I was active in creating art for shows and spent much of my time as a studio assistant helping fellow undergraduates with studio equipment, process and assignments. Since graduating, the love of my life and I moved to Colorado to find adventure! Over the last 3 years, I have instructed at various studios for children and have lead/designed programs for seniors struggling with mild cognitive impairments. Through my career with art thus far, I fell in love with its ability to communicate with others regardless of their background, aliments or age. Sharing my passions while helping others to explore new opportunities and possibilities whether it’s a new skillset, making a new friend or learning an important character building trait through art and creating brings me so much joy. I decided teaching was the path for me and will obtain my license by the end of 2020. When I’m not in school teaching, planning or learning, you can usually find me in my own studio creating (sewing and refashions are another passion of mine!) or you can find me and my family exploring the wonders of Colorado!


Ms. Sonkina

My name is Zina Sonkina. I am from Belarus where I graduated from musical college and the pedagogical university. After graduating, I proceeded to work in a school for gifted and talented children. After immigrating to the USA, I worked for the Colorado Ballet Company as an accompanist. I also worked for Denver Public Schools, Aurora Public Schools a charter school as a music teacher. Last year, I have begun working here at Vanguard Classical School as the music teacher and I am very grateful for everything that has happened that has ultimately led to me teaching here!

Physical Education and Athletic Director

Mr. Menke

I grew up and lived in St. Louis, MO my whole life. I have been a PE/Health teacher for 13 years. I have been coaching High School Basketball and Soccer for 18 years. My hobbies are hiking, golf, traveling, and listening to music. I am excited to be the new Athletic Director, as I have been around sports my whole life.


Mrs. Sebastiani

Hello My name is Mrs. Sebastiani. I have taught technology for the past 22 years. I gained my AGS in 2010 at Community College of Denver. I then attended Colorado State University for my teaching licence. From there I went to San Diego State University for computer science engineering certification, and graduated from Colorado Christian University with my BS in computer information systems. In my spare time I went to Emily Griffith and got certified in cake decorating, which is coming in really handy now that my 27 year old daughters friends are starting to get married and have babies. I have been married to the love of my life for the past 30 years. Growing up, I always wanted to be a school teacher, teaching is my dream job!


Mr. Haneghan

I completed my undergraduate work in Latin and Greek at Memphis State University in 1977 and attended graduate school at the University of Illinois, again studying Latin and Greek. I also subsequently picked up a J.D. from Memphis State, a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Metro, and an M.A. in Education from CU Boulder.
I had my teaching license after undergrad and taught a summer semester at Memphis State and also taught as a graduate assistant at Illinois. But I only recently found the opportunity to get back into a classroom at Vanguard in 2015.
I grew up in Memphis and lived in Dallas, Las Vegas, and St Louis before coming to Denver in 1998. I enjoy the outdoors and help teach rock climbing, snow climbing, ice climbing, mountain climbing, and navigation skills at the Colorado Mountain Club.
I teach because I am a fanatic about learning new things and hope to pass along that passion for learning to others.