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We definitely have some bugs to work out with this new system, but we feel like it will significantly improve our afternoon carline over the next couple of weeks.

Here's what we need to adjust after the first day:

  • We had several families blocking the K-4 (right) lane waiting for a 5-12th grade student. If you are picking up students in grades 5-12, even if you have a younger child, please do not arrive until 3:24 pm. You may have to drive around if you are blocking this lane.
  • There will be no more crossing over in the driveway. If you are picking up students in K-4, you will pull into the right lane as you enter the driveway and stay in that lane. If you are picking up students in 5-12, you will pull into the left land as you enter the driveway in that lane. DO NOT form two lines on the main street.
  • There are to be NO left turns at the entrance or the exit. Right turns only into the driveway, and right turns only exiting the driveway.
  • Pedestrians MUST use the crosswalk. Wait until the crossing guard stops traffic before crossing. DO NOT cross between cars.

Following the expectations outlined below will aid in this process.


  • Left turns into the parking lot during drop-off/pick-up times are NOT allowed. Please approach the entrance from the EAST.
  • DO NOT SPEED. The speed limit within our carline is 5 mph.
  • If you are parking to drop off/pick up children, you may use the upper lot, however, you must pull completely into an available space. The parking lot is not to be used for drive through.
  • Pull up as far as you can in the driveway.
  • Please STAY OFF of your cell phones through the carline. This includes texting.

Drop-off: 7:30-7:50 a.m.

  • Students of any grade are dropped off on the sidewalk closest to the school.
  • You may drop off at any spot in front of the school, but pull all the way forward if available.
  • Do not let children out of the car before passing the handicap parking spots.

Pick-up: 3:15-3:35 pm

  • K-4 students are dismissed at 3:15 pm.
  • Families picking up youngest and only students in K-4 will pull into the right lane of the driveway, and will be picked up at the sidewalk on the same side as the school.
  • 5-12 students are dismissed at 3:24 pm.
  • Families picking up youngest and only students in 5-12 will pull into the left lane of the driveway, and students will be picked up at the sidewalk across the driveway from the school.
  • Students are picked up at the designated spot for the youngest and only in your family/car.
  • We HIGHLY suggest that if you have a child in K-4 AND in 5-12, you wait until after 3:24 pm to pick up your children. This will minimize congestion.

PLEASE BE PATIENT. We do have a new system. We will try it out, and we will probably have to make adjustments as we go. We will keep communicating new information.

There are approximately 800 students who are being dropped off and picked up at the same time.

Model the character we want to see in our kids.

Though you may feel inconvenienced at times by our system, it is in place to keep your child(ren) safe. We ask that you respect these procedures as well as the people who are stationed out at carline. Your cooperation will ensure safety for everyone in our community.

Please observe the following traffic pattern at all times.