VCS will remain in the Remote Learning Module at least through February 5, 2021.
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West Campus
P: 303.691.2384
F: 303.226.5529

East Campus
P: 303.338.4110
F: 303.338.4129


West Campus
801 Yosemite St.
Denver, CO 80230

East Campus
17101 East Ohio Dr.
Aurora, CO 80017


In order for our carline to run smoothly and swiftly, please remember and follow these basic guidelines:

Left turns into the parking lot during drop-off/pick-up times are NOT allowed. Please approach the entrance from the EAST.

Drop-off: 7:20-7:50 a.m.

Pick-up: 2:45-3:45 p.m. 

DO NOT SPEED. The speed limit within our carline is 5 mph. 

If you are parking to drop off/pick up children, you may use the upper lot, however, you must pull completely into an available space. The parking lot is not to be used for drive through. 

Pull up as far as you can.

Too many parents are letting their child(ren) exit or enter the vehicle in the middle of the carline lane. 

Please STAY OFF of your cell phones through the carline. This includes texting. 


There are approximately 720 students who are being dropped off and picked up at the same time.

Model the character we want to see in our kids.

Though you may feel inconvenienced at times by our system, it is in place to keep our child(ren) safe.  We ask that you respect these procedures as well as the people who are stationed out at carline.  Your cooperation will ensure safety for everyone in our community.

Please observe the following traffic pattern at all times.