VCS will remain in the Remote Learning Module at least through December 18th, the end of the second quarter.

Contact Us

West Campus
P: 303.691.2384
F: 303.226.5529

East Campus
P: 303.338.4110
F: 303.338.4129


West Campus
801 Yosemite St.
Denver, CO 80230

East Campus
17101 East Ohio Dr.
Aurora, CO 80017

In the News

East Campus on the Web

The new Vanguard Classical School website launched July 15, 2019, with a special section of news and information for the East Campus.

The East Campus at 17101 E. Ohio Dr. in Aurora has its own special section on the website ( with news and information specific to the East Campus. serving K-12th grade.

Particularly as the East Campus has a student body K-12th grade, the information posted on the website differs somewhat from the West Campus serving K-8th grades. It’s essential for Upper School students and their parents to be able to access school info 24/7.

“We’re pleased that the new website streamlines information access for the separate campuses while as well providing the information that is shared between the East and West Campuses,” said Emily Van Luit, Ed. S. “Upper School by its very nature offers more events and activities to the students. Within the last decade, since Vanguard was established, the lives of both parents and students have been transformed by the exponential communications routinely exchanged in a day. This website gives us all equal opportunity to access those messages to benefit our student body.”

Check out the new sections of information on the website at