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Remote Learning Resources

East Campus

All menus, online resources, schedules, and appointment sign-ups can be found on class pages.

Class Pages

West Campus

All menus, online resources, and schedules can be found on class pages.

Class Pages

Mental Health Resources

East Campus Contacts:

Caroline DuBreuil, Social Worker

Mariah Lamy, Social Worker

West Campus Contacts:

Brenna Sterling, Social Worker

Olivia Tracey, R.N.

Katie Buckman, R.N.



Mental Health Resource Guide

Mental & Physical Wellness Building Activities

VCS School Health Professionals Page


COVID-19 Letters to Families


Why isn't VCS issuing grades in K-8 and/or teaching new content?

In agreement with APS’s directive, our staff are serving as a support and resource for students and families. We are focused on providing access to online learning experiences, not facilitating them.

Additionally, at VCS, we serve a diverse population of students and families. It is extremely important that we provide equitable support to our community. In this unique situation, we cannot guarantee access to and participation of all of our students. We also find it unfair to ask families to incur the expense of internet access and technology devices in order to engage in the activities that support virtual connections with Vanguard staff.

Through our weekly conversations, we are able to stay connected with our community. Our wonderful teachers are available to our students and families Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00 am-3:30 pm.


Students being passed on to the next grade level:

Though there is no perfect way to manage remote learning, we will follow state and APS guidelines regarding student promotion. However, at VCS, during the COVID-19 closure, we feel that providing our students with choice menus along with online resources, our students will not only retain the information we’ve already presented this school year, but they will also continue to grow particularly in Reading, Writing, and Math. 

K-8 Students:

Tips for maintaining content knowledge during remote learning:

  • 20-30 minutes of choice reading each day; 7 days a week is highly recommended
  • 30 minutes of math practice each day; including math facts
  • Take part in as many choices presented through the activity menus. Subjects included in the menus are Reading, Writing, Math, Art, Music, P.E., etc.

High School Students:

  • High School students will continue to make progress toward graduation using the remote learning plan.
  • High school students will be graded as usual.
  • If a high school student chooses not to participate in the remote learning plan, they will be off track for graduation and will need to make up the courses at a later date.


Why can’t Vanguard use APS’s online learning plan?

VCS is currently able to provide school-issued Chromebooks for families with students in grades 9-12 and students who are receiving special education services. These students are required to have a device which can access technology and the internet (tablet, laptop, computer, chromebook, etc.) in order to meet graduation requirements and/or receive legally mandated special education services as outlined in their IEP.

Reasons VCS currently cannot go to 100% online instruction:

  • We must create an equitable plan.
  • At present, not all VCS families have access to appropriate technology hardware.
  • At present, not all VCS families have internet access.

The limited technology we have will go to…

  • High School students
  • Special Education students