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Gifted & Talented

The focal point of gifted programming at Vanguard Classical School is student-centered approach to students whose exceptional abilities and potential require guidance and instructional accommodations so that they may learn and develop in ways that facilitate individual academic and personal growth. Our teachers use instructional strategies and models of instruction that facilitate advanced learning and creativity using a continuum of services so that appropriate education may be delivered.

Our curriculum is delivered by knowledgeable teachers to ensure that the content, process, product choices, and enrichment opportunities match the strengths, interests, level of instruction, and pacing needs of the student. The school aims to blend the influence of a nurturing, challenging learning environment with the potential and motivation of the gifted student so that maximum academic and personal growth is realized. At Vanguard, the focal point remains the child and quality, appropriate instruction on a continuum of services from our qualified teachers.

VCS East GT Coordinator

Rachel Hamilton

Phone: 303-338-4110

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