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Dress Code

Vanguard Classical School follows a dress code that is conducive to learning as well as manageable to enforce by the Vanguard educational team.

Research indicates that a uniform dress code minimizes peer pressure, improves the appearance of the student body, and reinforces an academic atmosphere (“Manual on School Uniforms”, U.S. Department of Education). Additionally, the dress code facilitates the overall security of the school since visitors are readily identifiable by the Vanguard educational team.

Enrollment at Vanguard Classical School constitutes acceptance of this policy, agreement to adhere to and support the policy, and acknowledgment of discipline for noncompliance as set forth in the Vanguard Discipline Code.

Students not adhering to the dress code will be removed from class until suitable clothing is provided by the parent(s)/guardian(s). Student is responsible for any missed work and assignments. Continual dress code violations could result in disciplinary action.

The final decision as to the safety or unsuitability of the clothing, hair, or jewelry will be left up to the Administration of the school.


The wearing of clothing, jewelry, or style of grooming that is identified with membership in a gang will not be tolerated in school or at any school function.

Apparel advertising alcohol, tobacco products, illegal substances, and/or offensive sayings or innuendo are not allowed at any school function.

No undergarments may show at any time.

No sunglasses may be worn in school.

Makeup and nail polish are discouraged; however, if worn it must be tasteful. Black or very dark colors are prohibited.

Tattoos, including temporary, must be covered at all times. No drawing on the skin with any writing utensils.


Burgundy/maroon, white, or navy blue polo. Solid colors only.

Must have collar and buttons

No holes or tears

May not be excessively baggy or tight

Must have sleeves

Must be tucked in at all times in the building K8

Any t-shirt (long sleeved or short) worn underneath polos must be uniform colors.

No logos, except Vanguard spirit wear

Sweatshirts must have sleeves

No hooded sweatshirts or sweaters allowed for indoor wear


Khaki (tan) or navy blue

Denim is not allowed regardless of color

No logos

No holes or tears

Must not be excessively baggy or tight

Must fit the waistline and may not sag

May not touch the ground

Sweatpants, joggers, jeggings, warmups, cargo pants, are not allowed

Maximum 5 pockets (two front, two rear, one change pocket) at normal level

Capris are permitted.

No rolled cuffs

Shorts, ”skorts”, jumpers, and skirts must be within three inches from the top of the kneecap while sitting.

Jumpers must have a dress code shirt underneath.

Shorts or bicycle shorts should be worn underneath skirts to maintain modesty during PE and recess.

No bib-type overalls

Shoes or tennis shoes

Must be worn at all times

No heels greater than 1 ½” are allowed

No slippers, sandals, or beachwear

Shoes must cover the whole foot (i.e. no open toe and must have a back)

Dress boots are acceptable in plain black, brown, grey, navy, or white.

Boots with adornments will not be allowed.

Snow boots must be changed into school approved shoes while inside the building.

Shoes should be free of lights and bells.

Socks and Hosiery

Socks and tights must be solid school colors (navy, white or burgundy)

Leggings are permitted. Must be solid black or uniform colors

Hose must be flesh colored

Hair & Accessories

Hair must be clean and neat.

Only hair colors such as natural black, natural brown, natural blonde, natural red, natural gray, are allowed.

No radical or unusual hairstyles including shaved-in designs, feathers, streaking, and mohawks.

No headwear is to be worn in the building with the exception of barrettes, hair ties, and headbands.

Head coverings for religious reasons must be solid dress code colors.

Jewelry must be simple in appearance.

Earrings will be limited to two per ear and hoops may not be larger than a quarter.

No more than two necklaces may be worn at one time

Items with other uses such as animal chains/collars are not permitted

Jewelry for visible piercings are limited to ears only

K-8: no fashion scarves