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VCS West - 2nd Grade Team


Riggs: Below you will find your child's new words to practice for the month of January. The list is organized by week and by the teacher your child works with during this class period.  All work assigned will be due the following day. Assignments on Friday will be due on Monday.

  • January 6 - 10


    Luedike: NO SCHOOL: Professional Development Day 




    Luedike: Review Day

    Sandstedt: Review Day 

    Hunt: Review Day


    Luedike: Yard, bring, tell

    Sandstedt: here, worth, every, more, wind (breeze)

    Hunt: center, order, curl, circus, mind


     Luedike: law, laws, ask

    Sandstedt: wind (clock), print, air, room, roam

    Hunt: remain, body, suit, follow, curb


    Luedike: tax, taxes, just

    Sandstedt: along, lost, empty, full, skip

    Hunt: worm, pink, cheese, feather, fence


  • January 13 - 17


    Luedike: gust, way, wait

    Sandstedt: hop, stop, rough, same, glad

    Hunt: honey, orange, tested, earth, shoe


    Luedike: get, home, homes

    Sandstedt: with, black, mine, chair, forget

    Hunt: shoes, stairs, stream, tiny, traded


    Luedike: beach, beaches, any

    Sandstedt: forgot, hang, hung, meat, meet

    Hunt: pocket, trust, extra, dress, dresses


    Luedike: many, if, been

    Sandstedt: seat, seated, course, dozen, store

    Hunt: teach, teaches, omit, almost, happen


    Luedike: No Riggs; ELD Field Trip

    Sandstedt: No Riggs; ELD Field Trip

    Hunt: No Riggs; ELD Field Trip


  • January 20 - 24


    Luedike: NO SCHOOL: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    Sandstedt:NO SCHOOL: Martin Luther King Jr. Day 

    Hunt: NO SCHOOL: Martin Luther King Jr. Day


    Luedike: some, sum, next

    Sandstedt: stores, rather, supper, became, December

    Hunt:  filled, file, files, filed, filing


    Luedike: them, other, lady

    Sandstedt: rain, keep, keeps, start, bit

    Hunt:  spring, provide, neutral, feud, fix


    Luedike: well, sell, about

    Sandstedt: bite, biting, mail, male, female

    Hunt: fixes, fixed, fixing, struck, go

- Friday

    Luedike: bell, jell, bridge

    Sandstedt: eye, I, town, towns, city

    Hunt: goes, going, do, does, doing


January 27 - 31


    Luedike: man, men, for

    Sandstedt: cities, glass, party, parties, upon

    Hunt: Tuesday, October, royal, born, hold


- Tuesday

     Luedike:  ran, run, judge

     Sandstedt: two, twin, twice, twenty, between

     Hunt: drill, army, pretty, size, sizes


- Wednesday 

    Luedike:  was, has, led

    Sandstedt: twelve, will, can, may, might

    Hunt: blew, blue, crew, crews, income


- Thursday

     Luedike: lead, that, ledge

     Sandstedt: would, could, should, week, weak

     Hunt: obey, turkey, turkeys, bought, die


- Friday

    Luedike: Riggs Orthography

    Sandstedt: Riggs Orthography

     Hunt: Riggs Orthography


Math: All work assigned will be due the following day. Assignments on Friday will be due on Monday

January 6 - 10


Tuesday: Chapter 6 Lesson 3

Wednesday: Chapter 6 Lesson 4

Thursday: No homework

Friday: No homework

January 13 - 17

Monday: Chapter 6 Practice 5

Tuesday: No homework

Wednesday: Chapter 6 Extra Practice

Thursday: Chapter Review (students will only have homework if they do not finish the review in class)

Friday: Chapter 6 Test, No Homework

January 20 - 24

Monday:  NO SCHOOL





January 27 - 31






Core Virtue of the Month


Courage is doing what is right in the face of fear. 

Courage is moving beyond fear.

Courage is finding the strength to venture and persevere. 

Important Announcements

January 6: NO SCHOOL: Professional Development Day

January 7: First day back after winter break

January 17: 8:15 am Quarter 2 Awards Assembly

January 17: 10am ELD Field Trip

January 20: NO SCHOOL: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 24: Classroom Basket donations are due!

January 31: 5pm Winter Festival

2nd Grade Teacher

Ms. Sandstedt

I am entering my 13th year of teaching and have taught kindergarten, first grade, special education 4th and 5th grade, and am now moving on up to second grade. I received my bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in elementary education in 2007 from the University of Northern Colorado. I then went on to receive my masters degree in special education generalist from the University of Northern Colorado in 2012. I am licensed to teach elementary education K-6 as well as special education.
I enjoy working at Vanguard because of the diverse population. I like learning about all of the different backgrounds my students come from and finding ways to incorporate that into my classroom. I have learned so much in the three years I have been here and cannot wait to see what I will learn this year. I have always had a passion for working with kids and have known from a young age that I would like to devote my life to it. I enjoy helping my students succeed and helping them reach even higher goals. Once a student has been in my class, they remain one of my students in my heart forever.


Ms. Parra

My name is Monique Parra and I am the second grade Educational Assistant. I attended California State University of California, Monterey Bay and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in sustainable communities. During my undergraduate capstone, I worked with fifth grade students to teach them about native plants in the community and the significance plants have to the local ecosystems. I discovered a passion for teaching through this experience. Working with children inspired me to gain working experience in education. I worked for a elementary school in Seaside, CA as an instructional assistant, assistant supervisor, and an after-school program leader. When I moved to Colorado, about a year ago, I became a substitute teacher. I have also been a classroom paraprofessional for a K-8 school in Aurora Public Schools. I then decided to continue my education and earn an Masters of Education with a concentration in environmental education. I chose education because I want children to explore their curiosities and be intrigued about the various subjects they learn through the curriculum. I also want children to learn important life skills that they will need to succeed in life. I believe that every child learns differently and I want to help them learn in their own unique style. My future plans are to enter a teacher preparation program and earn my teacher’s license in science.

2nd Grade Teacher

Ms. Hunt

Hello! My name is Courtney Hunt and I am a second grade teacher at Vanguard Classical School's West Campus. I have a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education from Georgia College & State University, and six years of teaching experience--three of which have been at VCS! I love teaching second grade because the students are beginning to look outside of themselves, are full of curiosity, and eager to learn about the world around them. I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia but moved to Denver four years ago from Southeast, Alaska where I lived and worked for three and half years. When I am not teaching, I enjoy outdoor activities, singing, dancing, cooking, and live music! Teaching is my greatest passion and I always look forward to what the next school year will bring.


Mr. Milligan

I am the second Grade EA, and this is my first year at Vanguard West assisting students with academic help in the classroom. This will also be my second year coaching at Vanguard. The reason why I enjoy working as an Educational Assistant is because this role brings on new challenges every day. I enjoy helping such a diverse school.