VCS East & VCS West will follow APS and engage in remote learning for at least through October 8th, the end of the first quarter.

Contact Us

West Campus
P: 303.691.2384
F: 303.226.5529

East Campus
P: 303.338.4110
F: 303.338.4129


West Campus
801 Yosemite St.
Denver, CO 80230

East Campus
17101 East Ohio Dr.
Aurora, CO 80017

Parent/Teacher Conferences Sign Up Links


Simply click on the teacher's name, and that will take you to the site where you will select ONE 20-minute slot.


Ms. Sudan, KA

Mr. Denning, KB

Ms. Kim, KC

1st Grade:

Ms. Curry, 1A

Ms. Flint, 1B

Ms. Dome, 1C

2nd Grade:

Ms. Eklund, 2A

Ms. Rodriguez, 2B

Ms. Bullock, 2C

3rd Grade:

Ms. Ouellette, 3A

Ms. Howell, 3B

Ms. Frey, 3C

4th Grade:

Mr. Greenlee, 4A

Ms. Gauthier, 4B

Ms. Welch, 4C

5th Grade:

Ms. Henke, 5A

Ms. Karkoski, 5B

Ms. Young, 5C


Ms. Seiter, Art

Ms. Domman, Music

Ms. Tilkens, P.E.

Ms. Hamilton, Technology


6-12 Parent/Teacher Conferences Sign Up